Boat and Fishing Articles

Boat and Fishing Articles

LED Lenser; Technology Yields Survival and Convenience

This article educates consumers to the neccesity of having the correct survival equipment. We explain what a 72 hour kit is, and what is needed in the kit. The article also outlines the ideal equipment that should be kept close at all times.

Coming to Alaska on a halibut fishing trip can be exciting and a bit overwhelming. Dressing properly for your fishing trip can make the difference between a good time and an uncomfortable time. Bass fishing ,means pursuing black bass, a type of fish.

Colorado Trails and Back Country Fishing

Unbelievable days fishing the wild, raging Terror Creek,
Boat and Fishing Articles
with legendary results,

so near to Paonia, Colorado, yet so remote it called for hours of trudging trails over a Colorado

mountain ridge. Treasures like Terror Creek were discovered in all directions.

Brief Overview of Saltwater Fly Fishing Reels

Most reels used in this “extreme” fishing are single action reels and for good reason as their counterparts (Multiplier reels) aren quite up to par.

Definitive Guide to Boat Charters and Rentals

Are you considering a boat charter and are unsure what is available or what to look for? Well here is your answer; this article will provide you with fun and interesting facts about boat charters. Boat charters are fun and exciting for any type of get together. They work well for family reunions, weddings,
Boat and Fishing Articles
and even executive outings.

Board of Education at

Board of Education at

Family: Married. Wife is an MCPS high school teacher. Two daughters, ages 18 and 20. Economics, University of Pennsylvania, 1974

Community experience: 2007: MCCPTA Chair, High School Committee; 2004 2007: MCCPTA Co Area Vice President, Sherwood Consortium; 2004 2006: Member, MCCPTA Grading and Reporting Committee; 2002 2004: Blake Cluster Co Coordinator; 2000 2002: Farquhar MS PTA President; 1998 2006: Member, Board of Directors, Northeast Montgomery Political Action Committee; 1994 2006: Member of various MCPS committees, including School Improvement Plans, Boundary Advisory, School Naming, Principal and Community Superintendent Selection, and Curriculum Advisory at the elementary, middle, and high school level; 1993 1996: Parent Volunteer, Jackson Road, Brooke Grove, and Sherwood ES

Key issues: Addressing the needs of an increasingly diverse student population during fiscally challenging times; the accountability requirements on schools and students mandated by the No Child Left Behind Act and the High School Assessments; selecting the next superintendent. Box 400, Ashton, MD 20861

Link to state Board of Elections campaign finance databaseQ. The slots referendum on the November ballot says the purpose of allowing up to 15,000 machines in Maryland is to raise revenue for education. Do you support or oppose the slots referendum?

I will vote to support the slots referendum. This is a difficult issue and I respect the arguments of many elected officials and community members that have described the proposal as flawed and poor public policy. However, the fact remains that Montgomery County and the State of Maryland are facing significant budget deficits, both near and long term. Revenue from slots will not cover those deficits, but I believe it needs to be part of the solution. Montgomery County residents already pay some of the highest taxes in the country and I do not believe that we should be raising individual taxes further. We will also need to cut spending, but there are limits to where spending can be cut, without doing real harm to our children education. Slots are not the best way to address budget deficits, but in my opinion, the alternatives of raising taxes or significant cuts to education, are worse.

Q. What are your top three priorities for the next four years, if elected the middle school program. We must ensure that the middle school reforms are implemented successfully by supporting additional teacher training, an accelerated curriculum, and new technology. Our middle school students deserve a challenging educational program that helps prepare them for the rigors of high school. There are still too many students entering high school without achieving even minimum proficiency standards in reading and mathematics. There should also be more extended day learning opportunities and additional after school programs to support these children. Extended learning opportunities would provide additional structured support and ongoing monitoring of students who are in need of additional reading, writing, or mathematics instruction after school.

Parent and Community Involvement. There is a definite link between actively involved parents and successful students. We must make meaningful efforts to increase parent involvement by supporting parent development programs aimed at helping families understand MCPS services available and learning best strategies to help their children succeed, such as the new Parent Academy, and increasing the number of school based parent community coordinators. Our Board of Education needs to listen to all community members to understand the challenges our students and their families face. I support regular town meetings for the Board of Education so that board members can hear directly from the community their concerns about our schools.

A Responsible Budget. We owe the taxpayers of Montgomery County an honest assessment of how their money is spent. Every MCPS program should be reviewed on a regular schedule to determine whether the expenses of maintaining those programs are justified by the measurable gains in student achievement.

Q. How would you rate the performance of the current school board: excellent, good, fair or poor Why I support the changes they have made to their meeting schedules which allow more time to discuss key topics. I also commend the board for adopting and updating a strategic plan for the system and advocating successfully for increases in both the operating and capital budgets. They added an analyst to their staff to help provide an independent review of the budget.

However, the board has not adopted a sufficient number of performance measures and goals for student performance in the strategic plan. The board meeting process does not provide sufficient opportunity for meaningful stakeholder input. The board does not perform a strategic review of programs to determine whether they are achieving gains in student achievement or should be eliminated. They have not yet mandated greater transparency and provided critical questioning in the school budgeting process. They also do not conduct reviews of school system operations to determine if board policies are being implemented consistently.

Q. Superintendent Jerry D. Weast has said he doesn expect to extend his contract beyond 2011. What qualities, skills and expectations would you seek in a new superintendent superintendent must demonstrate an ability to lead successfully in an ethnically and culturally diverse community.

The superintendent should possess awareness of innovations and contemporary movements in education. MCPS, under Superintendent Weast, has successfully implemented many of the proven techniques for improving student achievement smaller class size, use of data, staff development, increased parent involvement, standardized curriculum, etc. However, to take MCPS to the next level, I believe we will need to be more innovative in our approaches.

The Superintendent must be able to build consensus and commitment among all stakeholders to achieve effective outcomes.

In addition, the Superintendent must possess strong interpersonal and communication skills with the ability to articulate clearly the district vision to all stakeholders. The Superintendent has the best knowledge of the workings of the school system and must be able to advocate for its interests. As a school district outside our nation capitol, I want to see our Superintendent show leadership when educational issues are discussed. As the state of Maryland most influential county, we also need to better advocate effectively to the state regarding our educational priorities.

Q. Do the superintendent and the unions have too much influence over the school board believe that the perception remains that the school board works for the superintendent rather than the superintendent working for the school board. This perception is due to the lack of critical questioning of the superintendent by the board, which suggests that many discussions are held in private sessions.

I do not know if the unions have too much influence over individual board members. Board members must be independent and consider all views when making decisions. The unions are important stakeholders in the school system and I believe that it is acceptable for board members to have good working relationships with them. In the end, however, the most important stakeholders are the students.

Q. Is the county funding for schools too much, about right or too little If too little, where would you find additional money believe the current level of funding in the operating budget is about right. There is always more MCPS can do, but in these challenging fiscal times, there are limits on the ability to fund new initiatives. I would favor increases in staffing allocations for counselors, school based administrators, school based parent outreach coordinators and special education. I believe the capital budget should be increased so we can accelerate the modernization schedule. In addition, the board should periodically review programs to determine whether they are achieving measurable gains in student performance. Programs which are not achieving gains should be revised or eliminated.

Q. Do you think the system for renovating schools is adequate, or does it need changing needs changing. At the current pace, some schools will operate 60 or more years before they are modernized. This is unacceptable. It is simply inequitable for some students to attend beautiful, state of the art buildings, while others must attend dilapidated facilities, with old furniture, old equipment, and increased risk for adverse health issues from asbestos, mold, and lead. For MCPS to establish and maintain a 30 year schedule would require the modernization of 1 middle school and 4 elementary schools each year and 1 high school every 2 years.

Q. How well are the county high school consortia working to raise student achievement believe that the consortia high schools are all working to support MCPS initiatives to get more kids into honors and AP courses, more SAT preparation and participation, etc. Unfortunately, MCPS does not report data in a fashion that would allow an easy analysis of whether students in the Northeast and Down County Consortia are achieving measurable gains as a result of being part of this special program of schools. Nevertheless, I believe the choice process has resulted in greater student engagement in a school he or she wants to attend. The nature of the program also compels principals to work closely together which is beneficial to students. The choice process also stimulates comparisons, so it can help but raise everyone awareness of areas MCPS needs to continue to work on.

Q. There is a strong focus on improving the county middle school curriculum. How well is the middle school reform working to raise student achievement we are only in the first stage of the pilot, there is not sufficient data to determine whether the reforms are working to raise student achievement. However, anecdotal evidence from the five pilot middle schools suggests promising results.

Q. Are too many students being pushed into advanced placement and honors classes without proper preparation need to challenge students to enroll in honors and Advanced Placement classes. MCPS is making better use of data to identify the students most qualified to be successful in these classes. However, these classes should be for students that are truly interested in acceleration and enrichment and not pressured to enroll in order to improve honors or AP participation rates for the school. It is important that we provide the necessary supports for all students to ensure they are successful in these rigorous courses.

Q. The school system health curriculum includes discussions of homosexuality and demonstrations of contraception use. Would you change the policy or let it stand support a comprehensive health curriculum. The board adopted the current curriculum in response to the recommendations of a community advisory panel that recommended these discussions of homosexuality and demonstrations of contraception use. I would not change the policy.
Board of Education at

Blog hermes handbags

Blog hermes handbags

Flat shoes for women have grown to be increasingly popular amongst ladies and girls of age ranges. They have caught up in fashion in both dancing environment and casual wear. According to research, louis vuitton mens shoes flats are certainly more comfortable and healthier instead of heels. Ballet flats have been in fashion because the 16th century, through history they have persisted to remain popular under the shadow of heels. In our century ballet shoes have become in function, style, color, design, texture and fashion.

Ideal for work or to stumble upon a busy street to carry your beloved, ballerina flats happen to be revered to be both comfortable and dashing. Flat shoes have existed since 16th century where they were known as pumps. During the medieval age flat shoes were worn by both men and women. They went out of fashion and also have existed louis vuitton men shoes underneath the shadow of the heels since 17th and 1700s, when Catherine Medici requested her cobbler to include two inches to her flat wedding shoes. Soon Marie Antoinette walked as much as the guillotine inside a set of heels and in the 19th century ballet returned into fashion. In 1975 Audrey Hepburn wore ballerina shoes with skinny jeans in Funny Face and also, since then flat shoes have grown to be a landmark popular in the modern age. Recently variations of ballet flats and their demand in fashion have caused these to be designed for outdoor wear, using number of fabrics and rubber soles. Ballerina footwear is also known as ballet pumps or ballet sneakers.

The planet is really a noisy place and our submerged anger can be set off through the simple heavy clomp of a heel, in the midst of a chaotic platform. Women who intend to leave a much lighter human footprint on earth, the soft touch of delicate black pumps suddenly appears to be in beat of the modern day. For this reason the brand French Connection has become a cult special for individuals who love the neat and superior flat shoes.

Admin 123 views Leave a commentOct/29/2012 Hermes handbags is a great attraction of the ancients from the girls

Therefore, it is not shocking, these magnificent Hermes bags may be well worth concerning four to five numbers. Chloe purse Gucci handbags and most folks referred to as the 20th millennium, Kelly bag 3 decades afterwards, Lana turner, the renowned style symbol associated with preference handbag. Hermes continues to be proven to enhance fashion, luxury and ideal accommodation. The appearance from the assembly series, although Hermes prefer guide vigilance to make sure that some great benefits of each project upon traditional expertise. Hermes Birkin 25 Merely a solitary builder can easily try in a Hermes bag concurrently. All bundles will take concerning Eighteen to Twenty four hours to create. Hermes bags in addition to done items, including pricey metallic, cotton, from the crocodile, crocodiles, lizards, and shark pores and skin leather as well as buffalo grass sources are more desirable rare and also excellent Purse. Many people may well not realise why this kind of tiny hermes budget for men actually sell hundreds of thousands, millions of rates,
Blog hermes handbags
of course, not merely as the Hermes brand name benefit, or even a traditional as well as commendable, more or as the merchandise Hermes producing superiority. hermes carrier collection who composed the particular model may be built to flaunt or perhaps encourage them to enjoy females titles. Hermes handbags can be found in Birkin 30 numerous desirable styles. By means of this work, built in perform of each and every bag is very expensive character since it needs time to work technically. It had been observed that their most popular models, for example strange to hold back to get a Birkin or Kelly felix bag is necessary, according to concerning half a dozen many years, leather, natural leather or even metal charm group.

Hermes purses are very well known on the planet, it is the preferred of the celebrities, the most famous type of Hermes Kelly purses and Berkin.

Admin 474 views Leave a commentSep/29/2012 The actual Diablo 3 Wizard Progressing Guide Overview

In this brief Diablo 3 Magician Ranking up Guide, we’ll be taking with take a look at an introduction to the wizard school. For their lengthy and fabled historical past, you should comprehend the changes that the sorcerer school will certainly undertake in Diablo 3 and how to use these changes DIABLO 3 to help you regarding easy, quick ranking up within Diablo 3. It should be mentioned in which, just like the some other courses within Diablo Three, gamers will have the choice of leveling having a man or woman magician, along with custom animations and also character hair styling to match.

Sorcerers are generally famous for capacity to trigger huge amounts of magical damage even though as a bit lagging and also weaker inside the armor area. As the account goes, magicians might possibly be the rebel rebels with the magic using planet. With mages and sorcerers getting fairly submissive for the procedures associated with basic safety and self control, wizards pick the course of reckless engagement within their remarkable features. Although traditionally educated since wheels, wizards make up the edgy and also powerful top notch, staying with simply no laws however personal.

Arcane Strength will be the revolutionary resource for the Sorcerer class. Arcane Strength has been said being soaked up through the sorcerer from your powers on earth round her or perhaps your pet. instead of mana, Arcane Strength regenerates quickly with more often than not adequate “fuel in the tank” staying to forged at the least a smaller mean. Having said that, because of wonderful power of Arcane Strength, it’s going to have a cost about the wizard’s entire body and will result in tiredness when over employed D3 Gold EU Hardcore by throwing too many big, potent periods uninterruptedly. Because of this, lots of the wizard’s much more damaging abilities have a somewhat extended cooldown egg timer. Don’t be concerned though, the actual wizard character provides a number of smaller means to be able to cast among cooldowns. This sort of rapidly regenerating source will surely create the magician school good at quick ranking up within Diablo Several.

Admin 156 views Leave a commentSep/13/2012 Admin 167 views Leave a commentSep/07/2012 Admin 149 views Leave a comment.
Blog hermes handbags

BLM headquarters could move to Nevada under new bill

BLM headquarters could move to Nevada under new bill

In this April 20, 2013 file photo, male greater sage grouse perform mating rituals for a female grouse, not pictured, on a lake outside Walden, Colo. More than 50,000 square miles of Bureau of Land Management land in the West has been identified as priority habitat for the birds. Bureau of Land Management oversees some of the nation’s most prized natural resources: vast expanses of public lands rich in oil, gas, coal, grazing for livestock, habitat for wildlife, hunting ranges, fishing streams and hiking trails.

More: Anaconda Copper Mine cleanup transferred to state, private party

More: Lands stripped from Utah monuments open to claims, leases

But more than 99 percent of that land is in 12 Western states, hundreds of miles from the nation’s capital. Some Western politicians both Republicans and Democrats are asking why the bureau’s headquarters isn’t in the West as well. Cory Gardner, who introduced a bill to move the headquarters to any of those dozen states: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington or Wyoming. The Bureau of Land Management manages a combined 385,000 square miles (997,000 square kilometers) in those states.

More: Olympic Valley clean energy plan gets boost from Tesla

More: Global warming makes Winter Olympics risky bet for many bidders

Colorado Republican Rep. Scott Tipton introduced a similar measure in the House, and three Democrats signed up as co sponsors: Reps. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona,
BLM headquarters could move to Nevada under new bill
Jared Polis of Colorado and Ed Perlmutter of Colorado.

Some Westerners have long argued federal land managers should be closer to the land they oversee, saying Washington doesn’t understand the region. Now they have a powerful ally in Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, a Montanan who is leading President Donald Trump’s charge to roll back environmental regulations and encourage energy development on public land. national parks starting soon. The National Park Service has introduced the idea of a peak season entrance fee increase at 17 of the country most popular attractions.


Zinkesaidin September he wants to move much of the Interior Department’s decision making to the West, including the Bureau of Land Management, which is part of the agency.

The Washington Postreportedlast month Zinke’s plan includes dividing his department’s regions along river systems and other natural features instead of state borders, and using them to restructure oversight.

More: Feds to corral wild burros in rural Nevada west of Las Vegas

More: Can marijuana save this ‘dying’ town on the California Arizona border?

A big part of the bureau’s job is to lease drilling, mining and grazing rights on public land to private companies and individuals. That puts it at the center of a heated national debate over how those lands should be managed, and by whom.

Some recent disputes:

Much of Bears Ears National Monument in Utah, created by President Barack Obama and greatly reduced by Trump, is on Bureau of Land Management land.

Rancher Cliven Bundy’s long battle against federal control of public land, which culminated in a 2014 armed standoff in Nevada, began on bureau acreage.

More than 50,000 square miles (123,000 square kilometers) of Bureau of Land Management land in the West is at the heart of a debate among conservationists, ranchers and energy companies over how much protection to give the shrinking population of the greater sage grouse, a ground dwelling bird.

In this April 11, 2015, file photo, rancher Cliven Bundy speaks at an event in Bunkerville, Nev. Bureau of Land Management acreage in Nevada. (Photo: John Locher, AP file)

The bureau manages more public land than any other federal agency, ranging from about 1 square mile (3 square kilometers) in Virginia to nearly 113,000 square miles (293,000 square kilometers) in Alaska. That doesn’t include national parks or national forests, which are managed by other agencies.

It has about 9,000 employees, with fewer than 400 in Washington. The rest are scattered among 140 state, district or field offices.

“The larger issue is that states and counties that are predominated by public lands are deeply affected by decisions made by BLM,” said Kathleen Sgamma, president of the Western Energy Alliance in Denver,
BLM headquarters could move to Nevada under new bill
which represents the oil and gas industry. “So it makes sense (for the headquarters) to be in a state where there are a high percentage of public lands.”

Blizzard of ’78 created horrible conditions

Blizzard of ’78 created horrible conditions

NEWARK Forty years ago,Licking County residents were buried in snow, trying to survive the historic blizzard of 1978. The storm created life threatening conditions for local residents, but also brought out the best in people and made memories tolast a lifetime.The storm developed when anArcticair mass pushed into Ohio in the early morning hours of Jan. 26, 1978, dropping temperatures 37 degrees in six hours, bringing 70 mile per hour winds, reducing visibility to zero and creating snowdrifts of 15 to 25 feet. The barometric pressure fell toan Ohio record of 28.28 inches in Cleveland.Deborah Osborn, who lived in an apartment complex on 30th Street in Heath, remembers a terrifying rideto her husband’s parents’ house in east Newark.They had a 17 day old baby,no heat in their apartmentand likely no heat for the next couple days, and a car that wouldn’t start. So, they risked traveling through the blizzard to reach a heated home. Her father in law came and picked them up, but it was a treacherous drive back.”You could not see the road, the skyline, ahead of youor beside you, except for glimpses from time to time,” Osborn said. “I clutched my child tightly, praying as he drove in silence. Oh, how I prayed.”Seeing it from the vantage point of the inside of a vehicle, surrounded by windows with blizzard winds driving snow all around us, with all I hold dear in this world inside that vehicle, is an image I will never forget.”Osborn, her husband and baby, and her two teen agebrothers and sisters, who lived with them, all survived the memorable trip to Newark. There were 17 family members, with one bathroom, staying at her husband’s parents’ house, where they stayed for two or three nights.”We had the best time,” Osborn said. “At night, we were allcamped out on the floors and couches, with the pillows and blankets we had brought, andtalked about favorite memories of days gone by, and dreams we all had for our futures.”Residents all over Licking County have similar stories of one of the most frightening, but memorable, times of their lives. Some stories, however, had a tragic end.The storm killed 51 in Ohio, including a Newark man overcome by carbon monoxide gas. Interstate 75 closed for three days and Interstate 475, near Toledo, closed for six days.Newark Mayor Richard Baker declared a state of emergency and National Guard units were called in to help clearroads.The actual snowfall was difficult to measure because of the winds, but official snowfall on Jan. 25 27 was recorded as 4.7 inches in Columbus,6.9 inches in Cincinnati and 12.9 inches in Dayton, according to the National Weather Service.Sherry Young Kreider, of Marne, also remembered a harrowing trip that day.”My boyfriendand I were out and got caught in it, driving through floorboard deep floodwaters which eventually froze,” Kreider said. “We got to within a few yards of my house in MountPerry, and we couldn’t see to drive any further. We somehow walked the rest of the way on foot and got inside. 40 was blocked by snowdrifts, and a house on the route burned to the ground because firefighters could not reach it. Farmers brought in their equipment to plow the streets of Hebron, he said.Duane Flowers, also a county commissioner, said, “People lost heat and homes were destroyed by busted water lines. They didn’t know how to turn off the water.”Commissioner RIck Black said he helped his dad, a Union Township trustee, plow roads. Wallace admits she would have been furious with her children if they had attempted such a dangerous trek.Neil Snelling, a former Advocate sportswrtiter, lived in a Zanesville apartment near Zanesville High School, at the time of the storm.”Blue Avenue, which runs past the school, soon became lined with parked semi trucks which could no longer travel I 70, as it was closed,” Snelling said. “When the road was opened, I remember driving between walls of snow on both sides of the highway. It reminded me of driving through a canyon.”Snelling,editor of the paper at Ohio University Zanesville, helped get the paper out, despite the blizzard.”Even though school was closed, the head of the English Department insisted the paper not miss a deadline. He showed up in his Volkswagon bug to pick me up and take me to school to get the paper put together.”Kristen Matt Brewer, born, Jan. 11, 1978, said, “My mom tells me the story of the blizzard and how she was in the hospital with pneumonia after delivering me, and my dad and brothers were home with anewborn and tying clothes lines together with the neighbors and using them to get to each others houses.”Burgandy McKee Darst doesn’t remember the blizzard at all, but is glad it happened.”Ihave no memory of this winter wonderland but I do have to be thankful it happened when it did,” Darst said. “Thanks to the storm my parents were both stuck at home at the time and I am a product of the ’78 blizzard.”
Blizzard of '78 created horrible conditions

Bling it on just in time for moms

Bling it on just in time for moms

“We may not make much money, but we hope it’s a friend raiser and gets the word out about hospice,” said development director Pam Walker. “Lately, we are finding a lot of people come in to hospice at the last minute for services, and that’s not the way end of life should happen. We embrace the family and work with them on grief issues, so the end isn’t so abrupt. There are still lots of misconceptions about hospice. Lots of people still think we only are for cancer patients, and that’s just not true.”

“We have had such a great response from the community. It’s been overwhelming,” Walker said. “We have stuff from churches, 4 H groups, individuals and businesses.”

Walker and her committee began collecting accessories in February. The Rockin’ Wranglers 4 H Club of Glenrock and leader Devonie Mueller made jewelry to donate to the event, Walker said.
Bling it on just in time for moms

Blast furnaces idled at local steel mills

Blast furnaces idled at local steel mills

Two blast furnaces at Northwest Indiana mills have gone out of commission.

An unplanned outage occurred at the No. 8 blast furnace Gary Works, the nation’s largest steel mill. ArcelorMittal also is idling the No. 7 furnace at ArcelorMittal Indiana Harbor East the biggest in the United States for a maintenance project that is expected to take two months.

The furnaces went offline last week, shortly after Great Lakes steel production hit its highest level in six months. Production in Northwest Indiana and the Chicago area just surpassed 690,000 tons after languishing for most of the year because Gary Works was forced to curtail operations because thick ice cover on the Great Lakes prevented ships from hauling in needed iron ore. Steel to normal operations. Overall capacity in the Great Lakes region hit a yearly high of 78.8 percent two weeks ago. Steel to shut down one of the four blast furnaces at Gary Works for an undetermined period of time. The furnace is the smallest at the mill on the southern shore of Lake Michigan and is capable of producing 3,300 tons of pig iron per day, according to the American Institute for Steel Technology.

“On Sunday (June 1), Gary Works had an incident without injury which resulted in a disruption of the operation of the 8 blast furnace,” the company said in a statement. “Repairs are progressing.”

Trade publications estimate repairs could take three to six weeks. Steel spokeswoman Sarah Cassella declined to comment.

ArcelorMittal had planned its outage of the No. 7 blast furnace, the largest in the western hemisphere. Industry sources estimate the repair project could cost as much as $65 million.

The blast furnace at the former Inland Steel mill in East Chicago was built in 1980 and last relined in 2003.

“The furnace repair will improve the efficiency and reliability of the asset and ultimately allow ArcelorMittal and the Indiana Harbor complex to be well positioned to meet future customer demand,
Blast furnaces idled at local steel mills
” said ArcelorMittal spokeswoman Mary Beth Holdford.

The No. 3 and No. 4 blast furnaces, and all related steel producing operations at ArcelorMittal Indiana Harbor, will continue to operate as normal during the outage. Affected employees at the mill will do repair and maintenance work when the furnace is offline. They also will make safety improvements and train to use the modernized equipment.

“In partnership with the United Steelworkers, we are working to ensure a safe and successful repair of the No. 7 blast furnace,” Holdford said.

ArcelorMittal does not expect any impact on its customers. The Luxembourg based steelmaker carefully planned its slab inventory so it can continue to meet demand.

“We have been planning this,” ArcelorMittal Americas CEO Louis Schorsch said during the company’s first quarter conference call. “Really, it’s several years that the planning has been ongoing. That involves lining up contractors, delivering materials for the work that’s done on the furnace, as well as then ordering and building inventory of slabs to compensate for this. So we don’t expect our shipments to be affected at all.”
Blast furnaces idled at local steel mills

Blackburn toilet roll firm fined after worker lost part of finger in ‘avoidable’ incident

Blackburn toilet roll firm fined after worker lost part of finger in ‘avoidable’ incident

Manchester Magistrates’ Court heard how the worker lost the top of his right index finger when he touched a moving blade as he fed paper between two rollers, as part of the manufacturing process.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) conducted an investigation into the incident and found it was possible for employees to place one hand on the perforating blade, whilst pressing a button to move the rollers with the other.

The court heard that threading belts, which should have been used to safely feed the paper between the rollers were missing at the time of the incident.

The investigation also revealed that it was also possible to operate the machine with one hand and reach between the rollers with the other.

Speaking after the hearing HSE inspector Leona Cameron said: “After the incident, the company moved the controls for the machine so that operators could not reach the blade when the machine was moving.
Blackburn toilet roll firm fined after worker lost part of finger in 'avoidable' incident

Blackburn business owners fear fly tipping will attract rats

Blackburn business owners fear fly tipping will attract rats

“I spoke to someone at the environmental department who said it wasn’t their area and told me to contact the fly tipping department, so I got onto them and they told me to email them. The thing is, I’m dyslexic so I didn’t feel like I could explain the problem properly in writing so they said someone would ring me in 48 hours.

“I rang them on Friday night and they said it was on the job sheet and someone would be out to pick them up in 10 days.

“The problem is, they’ve only been there since Thursday and three have them have already split, by the time they pick them up there’s going to rubbish all over the pavement. They’ll be attracting rats soon, then we’ll be in real trouble.”

Mr Adam said he believes the majority of the bags have been left by occupiers from the surrounding flats as there is no where else for them to dispose of their rubbish.

He said the entries of the ‘giant’ bins are too small to fit a rubbish bag in so they are being left in the street.

He said: “They put these 14 bins in the middle of the road without asking any of us.

“These giant bins make it so there are less car parking spaces available on the street so people are less likely to stop at the businesses.

“They’re about the size of a wheelie bin but you can’t actually fit any rubbish in them.

“There are no alleys in the area to store wheelie bins so people in the flats have to use these bins on the street.

He said: “Our crews now collect twice a week from the Whalley Banks area, hence the bags were cleared earlier on Monday”We believe the situation has improved since the introduction of the extra bins and the additional collections, there is a balance to be struck between dealing with removing rubbish and the minor inconvenience caused by the bins.

“The waste is believed to be caused by a combination of the flats, with some trade waste and some passing fly tipping. We will of course be using CCTV to catch the culprits, and any vehicles seen to be involved may be seized.”
Blackburn business owners fear fly tipping will attract rats

Black ice turns Bypass into a mess and causes dozens of crashes throughout the area

Black ice turns Bypass into a mess and causes dozens of crashes throughout the area

LifeHome Sweet HomeGreen ThumbCoaching With KerryEye on KidsMarket Basket MinuteMoms FirstEye on HealthPetsSick ObituariesMr. Food RecipesSenior LivingShop and WinLifeHome Sweet HomeGreen ThumbCoaching With KerryEye on KidsMarket Basket MinuteMoms FirstEye on HealthPetsSick ObituariesMr. Food RecipesSenior LivingShop and Win

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Notre Dame SportsPigskin PreviewCubsFriday Night Football FeverBURGER KING Outstanding Student AthleteHigh School Sports

Home Sweet HomeGreen ThumbCoaching With KerryEye on KidsMarket Basket MinuteMoms FirstEye on HealthPetsSick ObituariesMr. Food RecipesSenior Living

RadarClosings DelaysSketch the SkyMorning Drive Forecast7 Day ForecastFirst Alert Weather CamerasWeather AppWeather Maps

Notre Dame SportsPigskin PreviewCubsFriday Night Football FeverBURGER KING Outstanding Student AthleteHigh School Sports

Home Sweet HomeGreen ThumbCoaching With KerryEye on KidsMarket Basket MinuteMoms FirstEye on HealthPetsSick ObituariesMr. Food RecipesSenior Living
Black ice turns Bypass into a mess and causes dozens of crashes throughout the area