Exclusive Van Gogh replicas hit Edmonton’s Southgate

Exclusive Van Gogh replicas hit Edmonton’s Southgate

With their vivid colours and masterful brush strokes, Willem van Gogh isn’t surprised his great uncle Vincent van Gogh’s paintings still inspire awe 125 years after his death.

“It’s timeless, he was a very innovative artist,” van Gogh said. “Vincent found consolation in nature, and he appeals to so many people because he painted everybody’s lives in a symbolic way.”

For the first time in Canada, nine replica paintings from the famed post impressionist painter will be on display at Southgate Centre from Oct. 16 to Nov. 19.

The pop up Van Gogh Museum Edition Collection exhibit includes paintings that demonstrate a variety of the Dutch artist’s celebrated work. The paintings were replicated through a partnership between the Van Gogh Museum and Fujifilm using a technology called reliefography, which copies the original paintings down to each three dimensional brush stroke.

The reproductions took seven years to create, and are now for sale for $40,
Exclusive Van Gogh replicas hit Edmonton's Southgate
000 each.

There are only 260 of them available in the world.

“From the naked eye, you don’t see any difference,” the paintings’ distributor Diedrick van Eck said. “The back of the paintings are exactly alike and they’re numbered and certified by the museum.”

The paintings have already made stops in Hong Kong, Beijing and Los Angeles. From Edmonton, they will travel on to Vancouver.

It’s a dream come true for art fans, but also for the late van Gogh, van Eck said.

“He once wrote a letter to his brother, Theo,
Exclusive Van Gogh replicas hit Edmonton's Southgate
in which he said ‘Wouldn’t it be wonderful if one day we could have reproductions so that everybody would understand what I’m trying to express?’