step with latest foot fashions

step with latest foot fashions

It often assumed that few people work longer hours than heavy equipment operators in the oilpatch. After swapping her career on the pipeline for the life of a smallbusiness owner, Shanna Simon discovered that assumptions are sometimes wrong. the open sign is shut off for the day, that not the end of the day, Simon said with a laugh. joke about putting a cot in the back and we don need the house that we just built. who owns and operates the new mid to highend women shoe store Modern Sole, wouldn have it any other way. The store, which opened in Stonebridge last month, represents more than three years of planning and hard work, and she is enjoying every second of it.

just always loved, like, fashion and shopping and shoes, she said. has always been something I wanted to do. who owns the business with her husband Chad, was persuaded to open Modern Sole by a friend, who owns two identically named stores in Alberta. It was important to give Saskatoon shoppers an opportunity to find the products they wanted without having to travel, she said.

our dollar, and just the way Saskatoon is as a whole, I think people prefer to support local (businesses). Simon and her husband found a raw space in Stonebridge earlier this year. Then the couple spent three months renovating it, doing most of the work themselves. When the store opened in September, customers were greeted with an entirely custom interior, one that suited the high end leather shoes Simon had been ordering and stockpiling for months.

Modern Sole offers a wide range of leather shoes, including familiar brands such as Michael Kors, Nine West and Sam Edelman, as well as what Simon describes as and different European brands.

The store also sells a variety of handbags and scarves, as well as jewelry made by local artist Karen Robson.

Simon said the store and its mascot, her dog Yogi have been enthusiastically received by the neighbourhood and the city. Despite the long hours, she having the time of her life.

it (great) meeting all the people and hearing how excited everybody is, she said. have such great community support, it incredible. FLOORING INSTALLATION

Brian Dmytriw began his 38 year career in the flooring industry in rural Saskatchewan.

After finishing high school, he began working at a small flooring store in Canora. He liked it immediately.

very enjoyable trying to help people, Dmytriw said. involved in helping people accomplish things and setting up in their house or whatever properties they might have. You seeing something new every day. moving to Saskatoon in 1979,
step with latest foot fashions
Dmytriw eventually began working for a local company, AC Flooring Installation. In 2004, when the owner announced his intention to retire, he and two other employees, Bud Shawarski and Duane Thome, bought the company.

(owner) was looking to move on, and it was way better to purchase an existing business instead of trying to start up a brand new business, he said. a lot of the people, over the years we worked for the previous employer, was clientele that we had built up. 2004, Dmytriw, Shawarski and Thome have more than doubled the company size, expanding from five employees to 11. This summer, they were forced to move into a bigger space.

just outgrew the facilities that we were in, Dmytriw said with a dry chuckle.

He attributes the company growth to its reputation in the community as well as the high quality service it offers. And because AC Flooring deals in residential and commercial builds as well as renovations, it insulated from fluctuations in any one construction sector, he said.

Dmytriw also suspects that the owners rural backgrounds Thome is from Eston, Shawarski the Blaine Lake area have something to do with it.

still carry that smalltown attitude, he said.

just selling people flooring, we get to know our clients. the company owners and employees are still getting settled in their brightly lit new space, which Dmytriw said can accommodate far more displays, the owners are already planning their next move which will take their business beyond the city limits.

like to expand it even more, and bring in possibly more people and service more than just Saskatoon, he said. don forget our rural roots. you have started, expanded or moved a small business in Saskatoon within the last few months, let us know by calling 657 6210 or faxing 657 6437, attention Alex MacPherson. Home based and temporary businesses, as well as those without physical locations, will not be considered for publication. Businesses must be located in Saskatoon.
step with latest foot fashions