Parking enforcement moves forward at Newark City Council

Parking enforcement moves forward at Newark City Council

NEWARK Parking enforcement is one step closer to returning to Downtown Newark.

Newark City Council’s Safety Committee approved a proposed parking enforcement plan Monday night.

The new downtown Special Improvement District, which uses taxes from downtown property owners to pay for downtown services, such as parking enforcement, will pay an off duty officer up to 40 hours a week.

Mayor Jeff Hall said after the meeting parking enforcement is needed because downtown is busier now.

“That’s the goal of downtown, as it renovates and improves,” he said. “As a result you’d like to think people were cognizant of customers’ need. We have to enforce now to make that happen.”

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The city will purchase hand held computers to track parked vehicles, but will use the devices throughout the city. Each hand held device costs about $7,000.

The proposed plan identifies a two hour parking zone on the Courthouse Square and just off the Square, and an 11 hour zone outside of the downtown center.

Motorists are permitted to leave one space in the two hour zone and move to another space within the zone, if the total parking time is less than two hours. They can also park for the allotted two hours, leave and return to park in the same zone, if they were gone more than two hours.

Jeff Rath, R 3rd Ward, said he received an email from a Newark resident who was concerned two hours might not be enough time for people to eat and shop in the downtown area. The Newark resident suggested three hours instead, Rath said.

Newark Service Director David Rhodes said the the special improvement district debated between two hours and three hours as the time frame for parking.
Parking enforcement moves forward at Newark City Council