Letters to the Editor 11

Letters to the Editor 11

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Editor: Animals are not born to be our shoes, handbags, coats, down pillows, furniture and a host of other products.

Animals killed for these items are suffocated, painfully gassed, electrocuted, shot, bludgeoned to death and sometimes skinned alive.

There are vegan alternatives to wearing animals. They are readily available with the click of a mouse and can be acquired in various stores. On “The View” recently, an advertisement aired for vegan handbags for the holiday season.

Many of us grew up wearing animal skins, but we can change and make this a more compassionate world for our fellow earthlings. 11 I was descending the escalator at Boscov’s at the Marketplace at Steamtown. Upon exiting there was a veteran taking donations for the benefit of disabled veterans.

I stopped to remove a bill form my wallet, as the veteran watched me. Upon approaching him I was met with a display of such respect and honor that I was humbled. He addressed me as sir and thanked me for my consideration for our wounded warriors. His demeanor and the respect he showed to me were humbling.

With men like this veteran, no wonder our services are the greatest in the world.

Editor: At the Old Forge Historical Society, we strive to collect, catalog and make known our town’s history and culture.

It is a proud history of hardworking people dedicated to family and friends. We, so far, are made up of mostly European immigrant backgrounds. Many of our relatives were coal miners, textile workers, small businessmen and from a variety of similar occupations.

Recently, our town has grown to include people from other countries and

cultures. We have grown in our diversity and we should all exult in our growth. So, we extend a warm invitation to all residents of Old Forge and Old Forgers at heart even for those who live outside the borough’s borders to come together and join, or just support, our society.

The newer Old Forgers and those who have been here for generations need to make new memories of the “Greatest Little Town in America.”

We work to preserve our past; our present is a work in progress and our future hopefully will be written by all of us. in the lower level of the Old Forge Borough Building.

Editor: As the service coordinator at Lutherwood Apartments, a low income, senior high rise, my job is to help residents get the services and benefits they may be entitled to so they can remain independent in their own homes.

The Senior Companion Program of Telespond Senior Services has positively affected both residents who receive the service as well as residents providing the services.

I have seen many times how residents who receive a senior companion start to change and not be as depressed and lonely. They look forward to the visits and spending time with someone who once was a stranger and who becomes someone to share stories and reminisce with regarding things they haven’t thought about for many years.

Even something as simple as having lunch together can change someone’s attitude. It’s a wonderful feeling to see residents who were down and negative to start to smile and sometimes want to join in the activities within the building.

A lot of residents are senior companions and have seen how the simple task of visiting with another person has brought more meaning and purpose to their own lives. They have the satisfaction of knowing that they help another person just by spending a few hours with them. I want to voice my support for this program, which is so important to so many people, and feel that it would be a huge mistake to make cuts or eliminate such a program.

Editor: Recently, I had the opportunity to attend a “books, brunch and nubbly” affair hosted by the Scranton Women Teachers Club.

This event was remarkable in many ways, since it honored teachers who are retiring after collectively serving more than 400 years. Each retiree had submitted a personal quote, which was very moving and insightful. Some of the quotes were humorous and made us laugh.

Entertainment was provided by the Scranton High School Knight Rhythms chorus under the direction of Lisa McConlogue. They were outstanding and their renditions were pitch perfect.
Letters to the Editor 11