Handbags Made from Recycled Ties

Handbags Made from Recycled Ties

Simple Purse Made From Recycled Ties

This is a great purse for a beginner sewer or for a quick project. This little purse is perfect for holding just the essentials, such as keys, lipstick, and an ID. Another option is to leave off the strap and use it for a change purse or credit card holder. During the holidays use your old holiday ties and use this purse for gift giving.

1 old tie1) Take the old tie and lay it out flat. Fold the larger side of the tie up until you have the size purse you want. Keep in the mind that the bottom triangle of tie will serve as the flap.

2) Cut the thin end off, leaving enough room to sew a seam.

3) Sew a seam at the top so the fabric won’t fray.

4) Sew the side seams.

5) Turn the purse right side out.

6) To make the strap,
Handbags Made from Recycled Ties
use the thin part of the tie that you cut off, and measure your desired length.

7) Fold and stitch the ends the strap.

8) Sew one end of the strap onto either side of your purse.

9) Add a cute snap or velcro under the flap as a closure.

10) Add any personalized decorations.

Stylish Handbags Made From Old Ties

This sewing project is a little more advanced and requires the use of more ties. Try to reuse as many old ties as possible or purchase some from a thrift store if you need more. The size of this handbag can be adjusted to suit your needs and purpose.

10 to 12 old ties1) Lay the ties out in front of you and put together the look and pattern for your purse. Alternate the order of the ties, so that the large and small ends alternate when facing towards you. Lay out as many ties as you need to reach your desired size.

2) Pin the ties together and flip the whole piece over.

3) Slightly overlap the first two ties. Using a straight line or zig zag stitch sew two ties together down the long side. Add the next tie and repeat, continuing to sew the ties together down the long side until they are all sewed together.

4) If desired, at this point you may also measure and sew on a fabric for the lining of your handbag to add durability.

5) Fold the bottom half of the ties up to make the bag. Leave about 6 inches at the top of one side to fold over for the flap to close the bag. To adjust the size of your handbag,
Handbags Made from Recycled Ties
cut the fabric at the bottom side to your desired length and sew a seam to prevent fraying.