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RECOMMEND TO WEAR A POSTOP SHOE UNTIL SYMPTOM RESOLVE EXP[ECT 8WEEKS ALSO RECEIVED PAIN PILLSI just purchased a 2006 Almera SX Manual. The engine management light came on the other day. So i took to my friend to have a look at. He plugged into the Diagnostics thingy and the fault came up with Gear selector Position fault or something like that

We both looked puzzled as fault seemed to relate to a auto gearbox problem. But mine is a manual Everthing seems to running great, The only thing i would say maybe need looking at is the gear selection linkage as it seems a little sloppy. Your friend does not have much experience with information systems or technology, and needs a basic understanding of the different types of information systems available to businesses. Write a proposal of the types of information systems that would work well for your chosen business, and their benefits and drawbacks. The summary must outline five types of information systems. See Table 2.2 in Introduction to Information Systems. Include the following in your summary using the features of Microsoft? Word: ? A table of contents ? A table ? A minimum of two styles ? An image ? Either a bulleted or numbered list

hi steve here

my problem is a craftsman 20hp riding mower, it runs for a short time starts sputtering then shuts off. i changed fuel filter, air filter even the coil, prety much the same results, then it got much worse, average run time at begining about 30min. then about 30sec. to not starting at all. then i changed fuel pump, started eng. ran good for 30 40min. starts sputtering and shuts off. it belongs to my sister. it is a kohler comand 2, 20hp.

any ideas. thanks.

I have a 2001 Audi A6 Quattro with a 2.8L engine. I was backed into by a Ford Truck (F Series) and specifically the hitch ball of the truck at around 10 mph. I was stationary with the brake applied, the Ford truck was pulling into a parking lot to use it as a turn around. I was pulling into the lot to park in the lot. The truck stopped, and backed up into my car without looking.

Subsequently, the instrument cluster now has lines going through it and is mostly unreadable. I understand, from other sources that I must replace the whole unit for it to function properly again.

My question is, could an accident at such a speed cause this specific damage? That is, could a collision like this one cause the cluster to malfunction like that?

I have a Toro mower with a briggs and straton engine. It ran well for several years but last year it started cutting off after running for 10 or so minutes. I pulled the carb off and the shaft for the throttle going into the carb seemed to have a lot of play. so I replaced the carb and it started right up. It now runs for about 5 minutes fine the startts running in a pulsating manner and then dies. It seems like its running out of gas as if the float in the carb is sticking closed not allowing gas to flow into the bowl. Has there been any test or specific requirements on the amount of force that is minimally required to collapse a side view mirror if it came in contact with a person or structure? Are there specific published safety requirement with their ability to collapse? In other words if your side view mirror stuck a post while the vehicle was passing would a collapsible mirror cause damage to the post or to itself or would it just collapse without causing any damage at all? And at what speeds would it take to cause damage? If so where can I find this data?
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