Downtown Sacramento ready to welcome 26 new businesses in 2018

Downtown Sacramento ready to welcome 26 new businesses in 2018

Paino said while inside the new location at 726 K St.

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Paino and the Ruhstaller team are in the midst of constructing their bar and bathrooms in the tap room location, which brings customers down an antique set of stairs that Paino believes was constructed in the early 20th century.

“I remember when I first moved to Sac, I walked these blocks every day, and this was a pretty rough neighborhood,” he said. “The city’s worked pretty hard to improve it. I wouldn’t have imagined at that point we may be a part of the solution.”

Ruhstaller joins eight other businesses slated to open this year in the 700 block of K Street.

Those businesses help comprise a total of 26 restaurants, bars, shops and other businesses set to open in downtown Sacramento during 2018, according to the Downtown Sacramento Partnership.

WHEN NEW BUSINESSES ARE EXPECTED TO OPENBelow is a map of the 26 businesses expected to in downtown Sacramento: nine will be in the 700 block of K Street and 11 will be located in the Downtown Commons, DOCO, near the Golden 1 Center. Select a blue marker to see when that business is expected to open. (Can’t see the map below? Tap here.)

The city believes it’s done its part to help facilitate the growth.

Mayor Darrell Steinberg said the hiring of approximately 25 employees has helped expedite new construction permitting.

Steinberg also recognizes that downtown is far from complete.

“Where there are vacancies and where there are holes in the wall, right, that needs to be a very conscious and purposeful goal of ours to make sure that we don’t allow blight to stand,” he said.

The aforementioned businesses will join Kaiser Permanete’s new hospital at 501 J St. this year, which will serve as another anchor for downtown in addition to Golden 1 and the Kimptom Sawyer Hotel.
Downtown Sacramento ready to welcome 26 new businesses in 2018