Durham man admits to murder

Durham man admits to murder

A 25 year old Durham man charged with a Jan. 30 murder admitted to WRAL Monday morning that he is responsible for killing 31 year old Darelle Harper. But Tyrone Stanback said his first degree murder charge doesn’t tell the whole story.

Stanback said he’s prepared to spend the rest of his life in jail, if convicted. But he wants people to know what, he says, is the truth about what happened.

In a jail interview with WRAL, Stanback admitted to killing Harper around noon in a strip mall parking lot, near the intersection of Highways 54 and 55 in Durham.

But, he said he fired shots only to protect himself and his girlfriend, co defendant Danon Hirsch, of Raleigh.

“I understand if I gotta do life [in prison], whatever, I’ll suck it up and do it,” he said. “Because maybe I did make this wrong decision.”

Stanback said he and Hirsch met Harper in the parking lot to buy marijuana, as they had before.

Stanback said Harper invited him into his car, and then accused the couple of working with police.

Stanback said tensions escalated, and Harper’s girlfriend instructed him to shoot Stanback.

He said Harper got out of the car, while he remained inside.

“I went under the seat,” Stanback said. “I was under the seat. I fired two shots, that’s it. From under the seat. I thought he was about to jump in my girl’s car to be honest with you. I was just trying to get away from the whole scene safely. That’s all I wanted to do. Get away safely.”

Stanback said after he fired the second and final shot, he saw Harper run away.

“When he took off running, I fired no more shots. I just jumped in my car,
Durham man admits to murder
and I left,” he said.

The day of the murder, the manager of a nearby auto repair store told WRAL he performed CPR on the victim, who had been shot in the throat.

Emergency officials pronounced Harper dead at the scene.

Stanback said he never intended to shoot Harper they were only supposed to be warning shots.

He said he didn’t realize he had killed him, or even had hit him at all, until police arrested him several days later.

When he learned of Harper’s death, he said he was devastated.

“I’m a God fearing man,” he said. “I don’t want to take nobody’s lifeI just pray that he doesn’t have no kids. That’s all. And if he do, to his kids, man, I’m sorry.”

Stanback and Hirsch made first appearances Monday in Durham.

He was given no bond, and she was given a $600,000 bond for felony accessory after the fact of murder.

“That hurts,” Stanback said, commenting on his girlfriend’s charge. “Besides the fact that I took somebody’s life, that hurts just as bad. They’re talking about a good, sweet, girl. That really ain’t got nothing to do with it.”

Stanback said he’s not concerned with how others perceive him. But, he wants to make sure his mother knows one thing.

“I just don’t want my mama thinking I went out here just to kill somebody, just because. I would never do that unless I felt like someone else was threatening my life,
Durham man admits to murder
” he explained. “I just want my mom to know: I just didn’t want to die that day. That’s all it was.”