Raspberry Pi Twitterbot

Raspberry Pi Twitterbot

Posted May. 1, 2014StatsOne of my art projects for 2014 has been Bot Collective an ongoing project where I make Twitterbots that “live” on the Raspberry Pi and have physical bodies. I’ve defintely become familiar with how to make a Pi into a Twitter engine and want to share my knowledge.

I’d like to see many Bot Friends in the Twitterverse.

This Instructable will show you how to set up your Raspberry Pi to send Twitter messages.

I learned most of this from this makeuseof guide, which was nearly complete. I wanted to cover the additional steps of setting up your application via Twitter. But the rest of this guide has been invaluable to me.

Before doing this Instructable, please make sure you have your Raspberry Pi up and running, which you can do with The Ultimate Raspberry Pi Configuration Guide Instructable. My IP address for the SD card for this is Your IP address may be different just change the address accordingly.

Run the latest package updates and upgrades, just to make sure everything is current you will have to have wifi access for this step. Type in the commands:

sudo apt get upgrade There will be a lot of waiting and Linux garble, so take break and pet your cat.
Raspberry Pi Twitterbot