Remove U3 From Flash Drive

Remove U3 From Flash Drive

Introduction: Remove U3 From Flash Drive

Our company just bought 150 of those flash drives (Sandisk Micro Cruzer 4GB) that comes with U3 preinstalled on it on a read only partition. Been tearing my hair out trying to find a solution to this. (Similar to yours, company bought a bajillion of these things, and people were complaining about the software.) Good to see there’s a simple method for removing it that I never could find for some reason.

MarcW1 3 years agoReply

thx i didnt think to look there it has help so much!!

shabaki 7 years agoReply

THANK YOU. I use Portable Apps as well,
Remove U3 From Flash Drive
great program.

m4573rk3yb04rd 9 years agoReply

What is U3? I don’t understand!

jaxxster1 9 years agoReply

sooo? what does u3 do?? ?: /

geeklord 9 years agoReply

Couldn’t u just go into my computer, right click on it and choose format?

ChancellorScar 9 years agoReply

No. U3 is a read only program, and they made the installation file separate so people would say, it’s just a hassle,
Remove U3 From Flash Drive
and not uninstall it. At least, that’s what I believe.