Resolution of ProductAssistant Installation Error on Windows

Resolution of ProductAssistant Installation Error on Windows

These error messages are related to the HP Printer installation in your Windows and often appear with computer startup every time. It becomes quite frustrated when these errors appears continuously and doesn go even on clicking on the Cancel button. If you are also facing such a frustrating problem then you can perform the below mentioned steps to get rid of it.

Disclaimer: We are going to discuss few technical steps but we do not take any guarantee or responsibility of the results after performing them. It is up to the reader how he or she follows them. If you are not technical enough then take help from Online Printer Support.

Mostly the users face two error messages explained below. These errors occur when any installation file of HP Printer drivers got missing and Windows is instructed to load that file.

Method 1 Installing missing file from CD

We can try to install the missing file from the CD arrived with your HP printer.

1. Insert the HP Printer CD inside the Optical Drive.

2. Open My Computer and then open Optical Drive to explore it.


o Running the MSI file will install the missing item in the existing HP Printer installation.

Method 2 Downloading the drivers

If you don have the installation disc of the HP printer or lost it then follow below steps:


2. Enter the complete product name with its model number in the textbox. The model number is mentioned at the front of your printer itself. For example,
Resolution of ProductAssistant Installation Error on Windows
HP Deskjet D2680 Printer.

Entering the model number at HP Support

3. Hit the Next button. This will open the support page for your printer model.

4. Select the Driver downloads on this page.

Downloading drivers from HP Support Website

5. Select your Operating System and click the button saying OS while downloading drivers from HP Support

This will display the list of drivers and software available for your printer for the selected Operating System.
Resolution of ProductAssistant Installation Error on Windows